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About our logo

“We are all butterflies. Earth is our chrysalis.” 
― LeeAnn Taylor

Butterflies are among the most colourful and exotic insects in the UK. They are beautiful, very inspiring and are living spirits of wonder. One of the great miracles of Nature is their transformation from plump, earthbound caterpillars into winged beauties by the shedding of their skins. They are delicate, yet determined; each telling a life story of its very own. They symbolise and personify beauty, soul, freedom and elegance; the ephemeral essence of life. They teach us the valuable lesson that transformation and change are not only possible, but are, indeed, a natural occurrence. Some people say that they are here to “adorn the world and delight the eyes”.

From being completely lost, a person can experience complete happiness merely by watching butterflies flitting through the leaves. Children especially can be inspired by running through a flowery meadow. Butterflies hold the key to reconnecting our children to Nature and can help to introduce city children to wildlife; few other creatures have such an enduring appeal. 

Butterflies can inspire the next generation because their life cycle symbolises re-birth and, therefore, spirituality. The ancient Greek word for a butterfly is psyche meaning:  “mind” or “soul”, but, for me, it resonates better to think of it as representing the soul.

There is a beautiful symmetry in butterflies despite their short life-cycle. When something so beautiful only exists for a week or two, it shows you how important it is to make the very most of this life at this particular time.

Butterflies are so important that some people choose to carry symbols of them around for life. Because of their beauty they are a common choice of tattoo; they have represented a rite of passage or significant event or becoming a woman.

They make you realise that beauty is all around us, if we only have eyes to see, and that anything is possible. Ultimately, butterflies are delightful and so make us smile.

Through the humble butterfly we learn that transformational change is truly possible. They represent hope, optimism and rebirth; therefore they are a manifestation of the release of inner beauty from a most uninspiring beginning.

This is why I have chosen the symbol of a butterfly for my logo; transformation and rebirth are essentially what my website aims to boost and stimulate through the magic of Potential.





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