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Finding Solutions

Being disabled means that the individual concerned has special needs for which she/he needs catering.

Speaking as a disabled person myself, this only becomes a problem if the person’s needs are not provided for, due to discrimination, or, as in my case, the person gets physically very jaded or tired which subsequently develops into frustration.

By actually turning negative thoughts on their head you can find a solution that brings us to reciting positive affirmations which are certainly not the same as wishful thinking. They are much more practically based and they can be used on the way to clearing phobias.

Gracefully going through life and meaningfully saying affirmations, personally helps me to think outside the net.  My thoughts become far more lateral, wide and unveiled. It is genuinely important to say these affirmations with purpose, as I find that my thoughts naturally have that flourescent quality of lucidity and clarity.

"However small a thing may appear to be, when once handled, one must accomplish it, if not for the thing itself but for what benefit it gives". ~
Hazrat Inayat Khan    



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