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Emotional Suffering

It is horrifying to discover how dangerous emotional suffering can be.

Like some giant invisible demon, unhappiness creeps up on us from behind and although we want to cry or break down completely, we “soldier on” without complaint, telling ourselves we are merely being weak and self indulgent to think there is something seriously wrong.

But medical research indicates that unhappines IS serious.

And soldiering on will not help - far from it, it could increase our stress levels cause depression, a profound sense of isolation and loneliness.

So far from being a sign of weakness to acknowledge unhappiness, it could save your life because the top 3 emotional suffering disorders – stress, depression, and loneliness – can be a one way ticket to the grave.

Here is how: -

  • Stress - disrupts almost every system in your body.   It can raise blood pressure, suppress the immune system and increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.   Long term stress can even re-wire the brain leaving you vulnerable to depression. 
  • Depression - can lead to heart disease and may even cause it.     
  • Loneliness - a recent study found that socially isolated people are more likely to develop cardiovascular illnesses and cancer than outgoing people.

Research from Harvard Medical School published in 2005 shows that 85% of all illnesses are caused by emotional stress.   It is now believed that figure could be as high as 95%.

People call many illnesses “silent killers” – but emotional suffering is surely the biggest "silent killer" since time began?   

Happiness and self-worth are definitely the keys to longevity. 

This is an excellent reason to take every piece of self-help you can get.   Do not dismiss your own emotional suffering.    Take advice on how to be happy and work at it.   

God gave us antidotes to everything and the biggest enemy of emotional suffering is its opposite: - happiness.

 “The human race has one really effective weapon: - laughter”.                                              Mark Twain





Emotional Suffering


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