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A Mantra is a sacred utterance, sound or group of words believed by some to have psychological and spiritual power. Mantras have been chanted since ancient times and have been found to help attract and realise valuable gifts in one’s life.

The sages who received Divine mantras - after great meditation and prayers - believed in the power of the mind. Scientifically, we also know today that energy exists in the form of sound, motion, light, heat and gravitational magnetic energy. These energy vibrations surround us all the time. These are invisible forces that are always impacting the quality of our lives. The ancient sages believed Sanskrit to be a pure language or the language of the Gods. Most Hindu scriptures and epics have also been written in Sanskrit. People learn mantras and their meanings, then they keep chanting until, over time, they make them their own. With continuous chanting, these mantras will start looking familiar and will begin to reveal deeper and more profound meanings.

In past times, Indian sages revealed the power of words as sound vibrations in the ancient texts that influence our lives even today. Scientifically, we now know that energy exists in the form of sound, motion, light, heat and gravitational magnetic energy. These energy vibrations surround us all the time; they are invisible forces that are constantly impacting the quality of our lives.

Through sound energy, we can change the environment around us. We can use our thoughts to induce what we want and block those obstacles that are hampering our welfare and progress. Mantras are magical lines of words that, through thought energy and sound energy, attract and bring what we want into our lives.

“Man” often means mind; “Tra” often means to protect. So a mantra is a way of protecting you from your own mind (the constant mental chatter). Another description of mantra is a heart prayer.

Each one of us has the ability to attract and create what we want in our life. Through mantras, we can unlock the potential to entice our desires into our life.

I think of the heart as the predominant and inherent element in meditation. Meditation gives me stability and expansion of the heart. My physical body is more peaceful when my mind is peaceful.

There are various different types of meditation. The ones which are popular today tend to be mindfulness- based.

  1. Reiki – this is a healing technique with which I personally resonate. The primary Father of Reiki, Dr Mikao Usui - who founded it in the early 20th century – is, I believe, a part of my spiritual team.
  2. Heart Rhythm Meditation - which is Sufi-based. I like this because when you truly care about perfecting this discipline, only then can the heart take proper action; by that I mean literally fulfilling your life’s purpose.
  3. PREM SHANTI – meaning Love & Peace in Sanskrit, which is very powerful and, therefore, meaningful.
  4. OM NAM AHA SHIVAYA – meaning “I bow to the source”. This is originally an ancient Buddhist Chant. Buddhism is the only Spiritual way of life which really trains the mind, treating it rather like that of a puppy.

Mantras can be chanted at any time of the day, but some specific times have been noted as particularly beneficial. Between 3am to 6am is said to be very peaceful for this purpose. Dusk - between 4pm & 6pm - is also a beneficial time to do some chanting. It is also good practice to fix a specific time for this purpose every day, more as a form of discipline than anything else.

Try to arrange a place for chanting in your home. Sit there for a few minutes every day. Relax and empty your mind from the hundreds of thoughts that flit by. Face the sun and think about yourself, your life, goals, wishes and how you want things to evolve for you. Chant the daily mantra slowly & deeply. Focus on the image ahead. Clear your mind; visualise your goals.

Some individuals may easily have some gifts of life and lack of others. People’s lives come in various permutations and combinations of these blessings, and that in turn brings happiness or misery in our lives. By chanting mantras, we can attract more of what we need in our lives.

It is very important to know that we must focus on what we want and not on the things we don’t want. The abundant universe is always listening to our deepest thoughts and desires. So stick always with what you want. In time we can balance out all we want in our lives and diminish sufferings.

A heart set on God is an open heart, ready to believe, receive, and full of faith. This helps to draw in the wonderful beneficial energies and manifest one’s goals. Stay calm, relaxed, with clear purpose and focus on the image. Think and listen as you chant.

As you advance in your practice of chanting and meditation, you will notice many changes within. You will start to feel very happy and confident. You will not feel alone in your endeavours. You will have the courage to do what it takes to achieve your goals. You will know that you will get what you want. Certain coincidences, chance meetings with people will open new doors and progressive opportunities for you. You will have clarity of thought, passion, energy and the mental picture of your desires will become clearer and clearer to you.

“The Mind: a beautiful servant, a dangerous master.”  Osho



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